It is critical that before you start any launch of a culture of engagement you evaluate the current engagement levels in your company. The best way to do that is by conducting engagement surveys with your employees, remember these are different than what you may be conducting with Employee Satisfaction Surveys.   By conducting  anonymous surveys, your employees can answer more honestly since they don’t have to worry about any potential repercussions for their answers. But if that is a concern for them, there are other things to consider with your culture. Your disengaged employees aren’t likely to be complaining directly to managers; they’re also not likely to put their complaints into writing especially if their names are attached to it. 

Thereafter, once you can show your employees that you are actually doing something with their feedback, you can then begin to implement a culture where one on one feedback and surveys are conducted where employees may have developed a sense of comfort based on your efforts after the first engagement survey.  Once you have a benchmark, bi-weekly face to face rap sessions with key questions to facilitate open communication regarding engagement can be developed to begin a culture of open communication and improved engagement.