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There are hundreds of books on leadership and management but The Complete Manager Makeover offers a nuts and bolts approach to answer questions like “what exactly do I say and do in this situation?” It provides a road map to follow with people management, so whether your hiring, interviewing, training or managing performance this book has it all.  You’ll learn regulatory compliance with practical application including what to do, what to say, and how to modify what you say depending on the person and situation. The free Supplemental Toolkit gives you additional materials and tools to manage your most important career asset, the people.

10% of the proceeds from The Complete Manager Makeover (The CMM) book sales, products & services are donated to 501c3 organizations for their clean water initiatives. They include TheWaterBearers™ whose mission is to inspire those who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not and Blood:Water whose vision is to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa.