Comprehensive Management Training E-Courses

When managers lack necessary training in human resources compliance and employee relations skills, the company’s ability to compete, expand, reduce risk and retain workers can be compromised. Our Comprehensive Management Training E-Courses provide the critical skills to:

Reduce Risk of Litigation
Improve Managerial Communications
Increase Employee Engagement & Retention

Corona Virus Prevention & Response

COVID-19: Staying Safe at Work for Managers

 Remote Employees: Safety, Health and Security

Diversity & Ethics

Anti-Bullying Training for Employees 

Diversity & Inclusion Training for Employees

 Workplace Ethics for Employees

Manager Success

Employee Communication for Managers

 How to Achieve Peak Performance

 HR Compliance Essentials for Managers 

 Leadership Training for Managers

 Management and Leadership Skills for Managers

 Dealing with Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Managers   

Safety & OSHA Compliance

Accident Investigation Techniques for Managers

Active Shooter Attack Survival Training

Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries

How to Avoid OSHA's Top 10 Violations

Workplace Harassment & Violence

Workplace Conflict Response Techniques for Managers  

 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers

 Sexual Harassment Investigation Techniques for Managers 

 Workplace Violence Warning Sign Awareness for Managers

Hiring, Performance & Termination

How to Hire the Best Employees

Positive Discipline Tips for Managers

Performance Review Tips for Employees  

 Successful Termination Techniques for Managers


Mobile-ready, so you can complete  training courses anytime, anywhere.

Certificate of Completion

System issues certificates of completion per course. Great to add to Resumes & Applications.


23 Informative & Practical Video E-Courses 


8+ Full Hours of  In-Depth Course Content


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