reduce turnover

A recent post can help Exit interviews show top 10 reasons why employees quit.

Some of the main factors that influence an employee’s decision to stay or leave their job is the quality of the relationship with their supervisor or manager, amount of meaningful work, the feeling of making a difference, and the level of cooperation with coworkers. It is our responsibility as managers to see that our associates have the opportunity for growth and advancement, see the culture we talk about in their daily work environments among other things. All of these components add to the reasons why we must improve our retention tactics and uncover the reasons why employees are leaving their positions.

As a company conduct internal Engagement Surveys to understand why employees leave or stay, improve your selection process, increase the lines of open communication, expand and improve training and development opportunities, and conduct as well as track/trend exit interviews. These are excellent and enlightening ways to help uncover the reasons why you are having an increase in turnover and discovering the controllable variables.

The bottom line: when retention is above average, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability tend to be above average.